A Wide Range of Uses...

WatchingBox for Parents: Trying to block objectionable content on the internet is impossible because there is too much of it and what you may consider objectionable other parents consider acceptable. WatchingBox makes it quick and easy for you to know what your children are viewing.
  • 63% of teens said they know how to hide what they do online from their parents. (Harris Interactive-McAfee 10/2008). 
  • Of students aged 13 and 14, 90% of males and 70% of females reported accessing sexually explicit media content at least once (Thompson, Sonya. "Study Shows 1 in 3 Boys Heavy Porn Users". University of Alberta Study, 5 March 2007).
WatchingBox for Schools: Teachers, computer lab operators, and librarians can use WatchingBox to ensure students are not using school resources to view objectionable material. Monitoring a classroom of computers is as simple as glancing at a streaming collage of images.

WatchingBox for Business: The internet is an essential part of most businesses and employees need access to do their jobs. Businesses may find it necessary to monitor the internet activities of their employees. Until now, most companies had to rely on filters to try to block all of the objectionable content on the internet – WatchingBox makes it easy to ensure employees are using company resources for business purposes. One study found, 20% of men admit accessing pornography at work (Internet Filter Review, 2006).

WatchingBox for Router Manufactures: When shopping for a home wireless router, consumers have dozens of brands to choose from that all offer similar features and speeds. By incorporating WatchingBox technology in their existing routers, manufactures can stand out from the rest and increase their market share. WatchingBox offers a substantial set of features that solves a real problem. In addition, by including a cloud-based service that allows consumers to access this information as well as extended services (such as e-mail notifications, image analysis, etc...) remotely, manufactures can charge monthly fees.

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