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Shelterwood takes pride in providing services for improvement of wildlife habitat and recreational value of forestland. Shelterwood specializes in working with landowners to enhance habitat for white-tailed deer and American woodcock. In eastern & northern Maine, both species are in decline, but with active management and conservation of their habitats, their populations will be improved.

Shelterwood welcomes every opportunity to assist forest landowners with permanent forest openings (aka food plots). Shelterwood is well versed on the latest technology to create your forest openings and is connected with the best fertilizer & seed mixtures available to accomplish your food plot objectives! Shelterwood utilizes one of the best minds in white-tailed deer hunting in Maine as an individualized consultant, Mr. Keven Ireland. Also a forester, Keven is a very successful hunter and whitetail habitat manager with a focus on trophy bucks.

One of the best parts of creating food plots for deer is the plots' multiple benefits it provides to game & non-game species alike, including providing roosting and singing fields for woodcock. Several NRCS cost-share programs are available to assist private forest landowners with improving and creating habitat for deer and woodcock. Shelterwood will gladly assist you through the process to become funded. Some of the programs are described as follows:
  • Timber Stand Improvement (thinning) in historic deer wintering areas is offered as a method to more quickly re-establish both thermal and browse habitat for deer during the winter months.
  • Early successional habitat management is offered to create woodcock roosting, nesting, and foraging habitat by funding patch cuttings, stump grinding, and mowing, particularly on abandoned farm woodlots and near wetlands, brooks, and streams.

Shelterwood is a member of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA)

Shelterwood is also a member of the Ruffed Grouse Society.

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